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“Nurjahan-Tea-Garden to Lal-Pahar: A Rainy Family Odyssey”

Nestled in the heart of Bangladesh, Sreemangal beckoned me with promises of emerald tea plantations, rare wildlife, and a cultural tapestry that weaves the essence of the region. Join me on a virtual journey as I recount the enchanting experiences of my Sreemangal tour.

The rhythmic hum of train wheels propelled us from the bustling heart of Dhaka to the serene haven of Sreemangal. Envisioning the lush tea gardens and cultural tapestry, our excitement reached new heights. Yet, an unexpected delight awaited us at Balishira Resort.

Nurjahan Tea Garden

During our journey, considering the presence of my four-year-old daughter, we opted out of visiting Lawachara Forest due to the extended walking required. Instead, we redirected our plans to Madhabpur Lake. Madhabpur Lake is renowned for its peaceful ambiance. The lake is set against a backdrop of rolling hills and tea estates, creating a stunning panorama. The reflection of the surrounding greenery on the crystal-clear waters adds to the visual appeal, making it a paradise for nature lovers and photographers alike.

Madhabpur Lake

Madhabpur lake is around 11 km from sreemongol, it takes half an hour via cng rickshaw. En route to the lake, we immersed ourselves in the lush beauty of Nurjahan Tea Garden. Upon our arrival at Madhabpur Lake, ominous clouds gathered, signaling an imminent rainfall. Within half an hour, the rain began, curtailing our exploration of the lake and its surroundings. With a pre-booked CNG rickshaw for the entire trip, we swiftly decided to return to the resort to avoid the rain. Unexpectedly, we encountered heavy rain amid the picturesque tea gardens, resulting in a delightful, albeit unplanned and soaking experience.

Upon reaching Balishira Resort, it was nearly lunchtime. After freshening up, we headed to Chamung Restaurant for a satisfying meal. Post-lunch, we ventured to Monipuri Para to purchase authentic Monipuri attire. I bought a dress for my little one, along with a scarf and a bag for myself.

Our next stop was Lal Pahar, where two temples adorned the hill’s summit. A special event was underway that day, attracting a diverse crowd. Unfamiliar with the area and lacking knowledge about the walking paths, we embarked on a journey that proved to be less than ideal. Realizing our mistake, we encountered a walking road that required over an hour to ascend and return. Carrying my baby throughout the journey, my husband faced challenges. Despite the difficulty, the route through the finely manicured tea estate offered breathtaking views from the hilltop. However, I would not recommend this area for families with young children due to the lengthy walking involved.

Lal Pahar

Our journey, marked by unexpected rain, culinary delights, cultural discoveries, and a challenging hike, encapsulated the essence of family adventure. From the lush tea gardens to the hills of Lal Pahar, each moment became a unique chapter in our family’s travel story. While challenges arose, the beauty of the landscapes and the joy of shared experiences rendered our Sreemangal sojourn truly unforgettable.

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