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Embracing the Monsoon: Top Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a country rich in natural beauty, transforms magnificently with the arrival of the monsoon. After the scorching summer, the rains bring a refreshing change, painting the landscape in vibrant shades of green. This is a time when nature is at its best, rivers and canals overflow with water, and waterfalls regain their rhythm.

Sitakunda: Waterfalls in the Sitakunda-Mirsharai Range

Sitakunda, often hailed as the queen of trails, offers numerous trekking routes, each leading to breathtaking waterfalls. The trails are conveniently located close to one another, making it easy to explore multiple waterfalls in one trip. The best time to visit is from June to September. Some notable trails include Khoiyachora Trail, Napittchora Trail, Komoldoho Trail, Jhorjhori Trail, Boalia Trail, Sonaichori Trail, Sohosrodhara and Suptadhara Trail, Sohosrodhara-2 Trail, Horinmara and Hatuvhanga Trail, Barabkunda Trail, Bilashi Trail etc.

Sylhet: The Monsoon Wonderland

Sylhet is a must-visit during the monsoon, as several places come alive with lush greenery and abundant water. Key attractions include:

Ratargul Swamp Forest: Best explored by boat during the monsoon, when the forest appears to float on water.
Bichanakandi: A stunning lake fed by an Indian waterfall, accessible via a trawler ride.
Jaflong, Panthumai, and Sangrampunji Waterfalls: These interconnected waterfalls are best enjoyed by boat.
Sadapathor, Volaganj: Similar to Bichanakandi, this lake is formed from an Indian spring.

Sunamganj: Tangua Haor

Tangua Haor is a popular monsoon destination, known for its stunning landscapes. A moonlit night spent here is unforgettable.

Moulvibazar: Humhum Waterfal

Located in Kamalganj, this waterfall is a wild spectacle during the monsoon, perfect for trekking enthusiasts.

Barisal: Floating Guava Market

Visit the unique floating guava market in Bhimruli, which operates only during the monsoon. Arrive by 11 am to catch the market in full swing and explore the surrounding areas by boat.

Kishoreganj: Nikli Haor

Nikli Haor is renowned among bike and cycle enthusiasts for its scenic monsoon roads, which often get submerged.

Dohar: A Day Tour Delight


Close to Dhaka, Dohar offers several picturesque spots such as Moinot Ghat, Barrah Ghat, and Sonabaju Beribadh, best visited during the monsoon.

Gazipur: Marta Bridge and Hankata Bridge

These lesser-known bridges offer peaceful monsoon boat rides. The views from the bridges, along with local houses, are stunning.

Bandarban: The Land of Waterfalls and Khums

Bandarban is home to numerous khums (deep ditches formed by spring water). The top khums include Debotakhum, Amiyakhum, Nafakhum, Velakhum, and Satbhai Khum, ideal for trekking adventures.

Tips and Cautions

Trekking: Wear appropriate shoes and take a guide. Avoid deep waters if you can’t swim.

Boat Rides: Always check prices before hiring boats and wear life jackets if needed.

Rain Gear: Carry a raincoat and extra clothes. Pack necessary medicines for colds, headaches, and fevers.

Group Travel: Travel in groups to reduce costs.

Train Tickets: Book train tickets in advance.

Enjoy your monsoon adventures in Bangladesh, and embrace the beauty and tranquility that this season brings. Safe travels!

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