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“Mermaid Cafe: A Harmony of Romance, Culinary Delight & Inviting Ambiance”

It was my birthday, so we decided to celebrate it in a different way. As we were in Cox’s Bazar, so we decided to take our lunch at Mermaid Cafe. From the moment we stepped in, the ambiance cast a romantic spell, setting the stage for a memorable evening. Our family was warmly welcomed by the attentive staff who went above and beyond to ensure our dining experience was tailored to perfection.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the customized platter, a testament to the thoughtful and accommodating service. Despite being on a budget, the staff managed to create a culinary masterpiece that satisfied every palate at the table. The seafood platter, featuring a delightful array of flavors, stole the show and left us craving more.

The menu showcased a delightful mix of dishes, each deserving of its place on the recommended list. The Grilled potato melted in the mouth, the Cox’s Crab Masala were a crispy delight, and the Fried Chicken Wings were a flavorful indulgence. The Grilled Chicken Tikka and Grilled Pomphrey Fish added a touch of variety, showcasing the chef’s expertise in preparing a diverse range of dishes.

The service matched the excellence of the cuisine, with the staff displaying a level of attentiveness that elevated our dining experience. As for the atmosphere, the Mermaid Cafe succeeded in creating a captivating environment. The blend of aesthetics, lighting, and overall decor contributed to a 5/5 rating for the atmosphere.

Mermaid Cafe exceeded expectations in every aspect—food, service, and atmosphere. It’s a culinary gem where the enchantment of the sea meets the satisfaction of the palate, creating a dining experience that lingers in the memory. Highly recommended for those seeking a delightful blend of romance, exquisite cuisine, and a welcoming ambiance.

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